Current psychology fees:

Note: Our fees are lower than the APS recommended fee ($241) for the same duration (55 minutes).

Standard fee - individuals: $155 per session

Clients on low income (under $60K gross p.a.): $135 per session

HealthCare Card holders, New Start Allowance, Youth Allowance, Disability Support Pension: Bulk bill* to Medicare (no gap fee)

Couple therapy: $200 per session

If you have a referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan from a GP, or a referral from psychiatrist you can claim a Medicare rebates of $84.80 per session. This is available for up to 10 sessions per calendar year (1 January to 31 December) and your GP or psychiatrist will assess progress after 6 sessions.

If you have private health cover with "extra" features, you may be able to claim psychology rebates from the health fund. You need to check directly with them to see if you qualify, as we would not be able to access that information for you.

Clients requiring sessions under TAC, WorkSafe or VOCAT (Victims of Crime) claims need to bring a letter confirming prior approval of funding for psychology services from the relevant 3rd part. No upfront or gap fee applies, as we invoice the 3rd party directly.

* Note 1: Bulk billing require a referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan from a GP, or a referral from a psychiatrist.
Note 2: Very few Melbourne psychologists offer bulk billed sessions. We bulk bill Medicare for some clients that experience extreme financial difficulties because everyone should have fair access to psychology services. In exchange, we require commitment from those clients to attend their booked sessions. Therefore, bulk billed clients who fail to show up for a session with no notice given, who cancel a session with less than 24hr notice or who cancel two consecutive sessions, no matter the notice given, will lose the bulk billing advantage and standard fee will be required for subsequent sessions.