Hypnosis for children Melbourne and Endeavour Hills

Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis for Children (ECHC)

Gabriel is one of the few psychologists in Melbourne and Victoria who is trained to use Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis for Children (ECHC). He is fully qualified, has extensive experience in working with children (both in private practice and in primary schools) and he has a current Working With Children Check. Gabriel works with children as young as 6yo

Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis for Children (ECHC) is a gentle process where the therapist helps the child overcome various emotional challenges. It blends age-specific relaxation exercises with story telling, imagination and creative play. Pacing with the child, allowing for emotions to emerge and gently providing solutions to their problems are at the core of Ericksonian hypnotherapeutic interventions for children.

Problems addressed:

If your child needs therapy for one of the problems listed above or for something else, do not hesitate - contact us now for an appointment with Gabriel.

Please note, clinical hypnosis cannot be performed "on demand" and might not be suitable for all issues and ages.
The psychologist will first need to understand the problem, the symptoms and what you want your child to achieve from therapy, and then he will discuss with you about clinical hypnosis as a possible therapy adjuvant, if applicable.

Also, we are not able to give any advice about the suitability of clinical hypnosis for adults or children, over the phone. Please book an appointment and discuss any questions at a face to face confidential session with Gabriel.