In-depth Psychotherapy, EMDR & Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis (ECH):

Complex problems, arising from one's past (e.g. childhood) or affecting many areas of one's life (e.g. family, work, relationships) are successfully managed using In-depth Psychotherapy, EMDR & Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis (ECH).

In-depth Psychotherapy, EMDR & ECH can help people cope with:


Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders, including: Trauma and PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)

Sexual Dysfunctions & Sexual Addictions

Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)

Dermatillomania (Compulsive Skin Picking)

Please note, clinical hypnosis cannot be performed "on demand" and might not be suitable for all issues and ages.
The psychologist will first need to understand the problem, the symptoms and what you want to achieve from therapy, and then he will discuss with you about ECH as a possible therapy adjuvant option, if applicable.

We are also not able to give any advice about the suitability of clinical hypnosis for adults or children, over the phone. Please book an appointment and discuss any questions at a face to face confidential session with our trained psychologist.

About Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis (ECH):

Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis (ECH) is a specific type of therapy used by trained therapists (including some psychologists) to help one achieve a goal or overcome a problem. Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis (ECH) taps into one's subconscious mind and brings up more therapeutic resources from one's self. In this way, the therapist can help the person solve emotional problems that cannot be otherwise solved by applying logical reasoning.

Gabriel Rusu specialises in Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis (ECH). After graduating with a BA (Honours) in Psychology from The University of Melbourne, Gabriel completed a Diploma of Solutions in Hypnosis and an Advanced Diploma of Solution Oriented Hypnosis with the Center for Effective Therapy - The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania.